Playing House

I love doll houses, and so does my little girl. I decided I was going to make her one, as opposed to getting her those humongous, unreasonably priced ones out there. I found this endearing doll house idea when surfing, and thought it was worth a share. This picture was found on a Spanish blog called Decoideas ( I could hardly deduce what was written on the post, but the picture pretty much said it all.

Isn’t this is neat idea? Simply convert your typical cube shelf  (ex: the Expedit book shelf at IKEA), into a precious little doll house by assigning a function to each cube! How creative!  I love the wall paper effect in each space, which can be easily achieved by cutting up some scrapbooking paper to size. As for the furniture that goes into it, most craft stores carry them, alternatively, you could order them online and personalize them with touches of paint. What a fun DIY project to involve your child in! And the best part of it all – once your little one grows out of playing house (a day I so dread), it can go back to being, well, a bookshelf!

PS:  I also adore the freehand roof, which is just a strand of wool wrapped around push pins, and the lovely vintage clock under it.

The WinG-bAcK come back!

Oh what fun, now that I get to blog about my most recent obsession – the wing back chair. Now that they’re back, they are seen manifesting in every style that there is – traditional, country chic, eclectic, modern, you name it. As an accent piece, or in pairs, they can add a dash of panache’ to any space. I especially heart some of  the modern avatars of the Wing back, and predictably so.

A french country teal wing-back . Image Courtesy:

Modern black velvet wing back captain chairs. Image Courtesy:

A modernized avatar – designed by a student for UDesign competition. Image Courtesy:

                            This modern version with its exquisite zebra wood speaks for itself. Image Courtesy:


Hello! I know its been forever since I put something up. I was swamped, I still am actually. But design is always on my mind, it makes me happy…

We have been meaning a to do up this itsy bitsy powder room of ours, and have been thinking about a slate accent wall in there…I chanced upon this picture when browsing and thought it to be worth a share. I love love love the way the floating wall of slate pierces through the space, leading your eyes outward. The concrete tub and vanity- clean and bold, make for a tasteful composition of form against a white expanse of space. The texture of a natural material like slate, in a modern form makes for a classy anomaly that grounds the rest of the composition.

Image Courtesy :

Bohemian Chic the Bollywood Way

If you know me at all, the movie buff side of me should hardly come as a surprise. I was watching a rerun of Wake up Sid the other day, a 2009 bollywood block buster. The art direction in the movie is quite tasteful. I thought they’d done a pretty neat job of creating a Bohemiam Chic space in the film. The thing with Bohemian Chic is that, it is easy to get kitschy. In this case though, they seemed to know just how much was too much. I loved the accent wall colour (lemon/lime) which was in vogue around the time of the film’s release. Though the elements that make the space Bohemian Chic are quite typical, really, –  a birdcage,  a distressed chest of drawers, an old wing back chair, pops of pink and the whole personal vibe thing… Charming!  I’d say.

mY dEsIGn cRUsh oF thE dAY

We were at the Mall yesterday, when we dawdled into Crate and Barrel. I chanced upon their Piano Clock and ended up having a crush on it. :)I love the fact that it is charmingly linear for a wall clock and that the usual number circle has been deconstructed tastefully. A well designed piece of clock art, don’t you think?

Image Courtesy :




GoiNg mONo

Very few things are as powerful as a completely monochromatic space. Many don’t realize the power of monochrome, and to those who do the idea of a monochromatic space can be daunting. In fact, a monochromatic space is anything but, mono. The play of light against different surfaces and textures of the same colour bring out varied shades of the colour.  As tempting as it may be to add a splash of colour at some point during the designing process, resisting the urge is sure to yield a dramatic effect. Not all colors can stand up to a monochromatic theme. White is usually a safe choice and is sure to create the drama one is looking to create.

A modern monochromous bedroom


If a monochromatic space is a bit over the top for you, just a monochromous corner will work as well: Image Courtesy:


A monochromous display: Image Courtesy :

mY dEsIGn cRUsh oF thE dAY

Modernized baroque frames. They usually come in solid modern shades like white, fuscia, lemon-lime green etc. and are all over the place. They add a freshness when you are clustering art.  I went and got myself some very reasonably priced ones from IKEA for $4.99 each.  Tip: You could buy them in a simple shade of white and spray paint them to whatever color you want them to be. Ikea also holds a bigger version for about 30 bucks.

Picture couertesy : IKEA














Picture below courtesy: : makes for a functional, yet refreshing cluster art of baroque frames.


















Picture  below (right) courtesy: : Wall decals of baroque frames can make just as bold a statement.








Today’s feature is about an oft used, design -wise practically fool proof, yet infamous design feature – The Courtyard.  Back in design school a mere mention of the cliche’d courtyard  as part of our designs sent waves of exasperation through the studio .  What amazes me is how terribly underutilized this concept is in the west. Even in essentially tropical states, where HVAC is a thoughtless, impractical, quick-fix to temperature control indoors. Building and energy issues aside, aesthetically, courtyards can open up a space, create great spatial variety, bathe the indoors in natural light thus making a space feel bigger than it actually is. Internal courtyards were a common feature in vernacular architecture – Indian, Moroccon, Spanish etc., and the fact that they have made a come-back, and a grand one at that, is testimony to my belief that life always does come full circle.

The picture below is a house designed by ODR Architects called the Lily Street House. Image Courtesy –


– “The Louis Ghost Chair”! Especially the white opaque version. I simply love the swift curves that make for a contemporary yet classic piece of furniture. Designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell, this one comes in a lot of clear shades and some opaque ones. This website will give you a lot more information if you’re interested. All I know is that I have a huge crush on these beauties!